Project Gooslab

Project GooslabProject Gooslab is the reflection of my private lab environment. Gooslab can be considered a fictive “real world” company.

Gooslab took the decision to invest in Microsoft Technology. Each and every server and product that will be installed and configured will be discussed at Project Gooslab.

I hope to connect with people looking for nice solutions and ideas on how to implement Microsoft Technology in their environment. People looking for some in depth walk-troughs will be pleased when they start to follow Project Gooslab.

Thanks for being on the blog and if you would like to be kept informed register for the newsletter and stay tuned!


  1. Leif

    Goooooosfraba Ken.

  2. deploymntmonkey

    Any progress ???

    1. Ken Goossens (Post author)

      Yeah, I should urgently starting to work on that one. Haven’t got a lot of time lately to work on the blog 🙁

  3. It’s great to find an expert who can explain things so well


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