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Hi and welcome to my blog, my name is Ken Goossens and I work as an Enterprise Client Management Solution Architect. As a Certified Microsoft Trainer with a passion for Microsoft Technology, I try to keep up-to-date with the latest technology. The main goal of this blog is to centralize information about System Center with a main focus on Enterprise Client Management. This blog will contain posts about installing, configuring, troubleshooting and automating Microsoft products related to Enterprise Client Management.

Being a member of the System Center User Group in Belgium makes me really proud. As a member of a User Group and being MCT, it’s kind of obvious that I like to share my knowledge with the universe.

In 2015 I had, the opportunity to speak for the first time about Microsoft Technology, on the MCT Summit in Lisbon. As this was a very nice experience for me and my good friend Herman Arnedo Mahr, we hope to do this more frequently.



  1. steve cardell

    July 11, 2012 at 4:40 pmBeautiful story, and this is exactly what I am going through right now, have been going through for several months. I just jumped, and will worry about the parachute later on. For now, I’m just free-falling and telling my body that it’ll be okay, it will all work out and flying is so much better than just sitting on the plane, all safe and comfy. Jumping doesn’t feel all too comfy but it’ll be better, I know it! Reply

  2. Wow!!! How fanstastic is this word, confirming our two services this Sunday where God spoke identical messages through the members of our congregation. If you missed it ACC ask for the DVD to catch up; it is well worth it. Another local network have just set up their meetings for this year and The Fathers Heart has been chosen as the theme, seems God is saying the same thing to ua all!


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